REHOMED – FOUND – Southmead, Nov 2016 (marmalade chipped to Brislington)

25th Nov 2016 – REHOMED via Bristol and Wales Cat Rescue.

Any one know who’s cat this is? I think it’s a girl not sure! seems very friendly but also very jumpy Around noise! It turnt up about a month ago and just constantly stays by my door, it keeps trying to come in.. and hasn’t left no 1 has ever seen it befor me seems Healthy but always trying a get in! Just wondering if any one had lost a cat local henleaze southmead area Its by my door til late at night and be there first thing in morning! I gave it some milk earlier and it literally wolfed it down! Just wondering if anyone’s lost one? Or it is genuinely someone’s close as the cold nights are settling in now wouldn’t like it without a home?

This Cat Has A Chip..
The Cats name Is Marmalade..
Was Rehomed 6 Months Ago!
This Cat is From ST Anne’s Gillford Road Brislington!
Nuetuerd Boy!

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