Lost black male cat Yate


My mum and dad’s black cat age approx 4 has not come home now for 2 weeks and they’re very worried.

He has a history of going walkabout hence the wait in registering but now they’re really worried.

He was known to wonder around st Mary’s park yate and is a vocal chap with a puma like gait.

If anyone has adopted a cat recently please check if it’s Bob.

Thank you

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  1. Michelle Pibworth says:

    Do you have a picture at all? could you please join our group

  2. Louise M says:

    Hello! …just a heads up but I am part of the group Michelle mentioned on FBook.. I don’t know if your cat is still missing, but there was a black one picked up near Wellstead Avenue, Yate the other day which was taken to Rowes Vet (station road) as it looked like it had a swollen jaw. Just thought it might be worth mentioning as it’s somewhat close.

  3. Zara says:

    I’ve lost my cat shadow. I live in the area of St. Paul’s Bristol. ShAdow is a male black long haired fluffy cat . He was last seen 31st of July walking along Morgan street and into st Agnes park. He is dearly missed by mysel and my family. He is a very friendly cat and we all miss him very very much and are concerned for him. He is microchipped and neutered, I have posted leaflets flyers put him on social media . Please please if any one has taken him please give me shadow back he belongs to me and is my cat.

  4. Zara says:

    Shadow has been gone for over 1 week and I am very stressed, I believe he has been stolen because he is not in the area. It’s not like him to not come home. I don’t know where he is , and hope he is safe. I have a gut feelng someone has stolen him please could anyone help . I have reported him missing to the police. If shadow is returned safely a reward will be given . Thank you

  5. Christine Stephenson says:

    Is your cat Bob still missing? There is an older cat, with a black chin and white chest and paws which turned up in about February time and has for the last four months spending most of his time in our garden or our neighbour’s garage. He’s a lovely cat, very timid, I posted a photograph of him on the lost and found but had limited response. We’ve been feeding him and he’s now healthy and fit. I decided to look through all the photographs to see if he’s looks like any cat that’s been posted missing. I came upon the photo of Bob, we live in Yate and I wondered if he could be yours, even though he may have been missing for many years.

    • Fran Clothier says:

      So sorry I didn’t get a notification of this email.
      Bob has never turned up sadly. Do you have any pictures. He was black totally i believe but I’ll check with my mum.

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