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Welcome to Lost, Stolen and Found Pets

Michelles catI originally started a group on Facebook for those in Bristol and South Glos who had lost their pets, due to my own (in the picture) going missing for 2 weeks, I created a post on a local community website.  He was spotted on a local community webpage by a gentleman who had noticed a cat had been living in his unused Duck House, 2 miles away from home!! Thankfully this person kindly contacted me and we were reunited.

Those of us with pets, love them like a child and when they go missing, life is incomplete. The worry of if they have been hurt or stolen… or simply lost their way. The loss of a pet, is so unbelievably emotional that those without pets, simply cannot understand.

Please feel free to notify us of any pets lost or found, that we can add to our site. This is early days and therefore not many pets are on here. We pray that we can reunite the ones that are here.

Never give up hope.. We have many people that have pets who have been missing for up to a year before returning home!

We of course suggest that you put posters up around the area and further afield, by local schools, shops etc. If you have a community website, please post on there also.. The more exposure, the better the chance. We do suggest that you do not put your pets name on posters etc, as we are aware that some are unfortunately sold on, with a name this is made easier.

We would suggest that you contact local vets and unfortunately the Council Street Care Team for your area. Your local cats and dogs home.

If you have found a Dog, the Law requires that you MUST contact your Local Authority. The Dog will then be Kennelled for 7 Days, they can Lawfully be Re-homed if not re-united with it’s owners. You do not have the Legal Right to keep the dog. Please only post on here if you are prepared to follow the Law. If you have Lost your Dog.. Again.. Please contact your Local Authority.. This information has been provided to me by The Local Authority.

Links are on the links page!

We wish you all the luck in your search … Michelle