FOUND – April/May 2017 – Kingswood

Is anyone missing a cat in the Kingswood area near Cosham hospital. This cat has been around for about a couple of months, meowing to be fed which neighbours and myself have. I have took it to the vets yesterday it’s a girl around 11 months old not microchipped or neutered. Looking in fairy good condition has been over grooming itself and signs of fleas. Has a lovely temperment seems to be seeking a home and found inside my house if the door is left open, becoming more frequent around my garden and neighbours. I am not in a position to house it myself. Will try leaflet drops around my area to see if I get any joy in finding it’s owner, before considering taking it to a cat sanctuary.

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  1. Anne says:

    Have u treated this little one for fleas ? Must be suffering with them in heat.x

    • Michelle Pibworth says:

      Hi Anne, this is on our main group. We do advise not to administer flea treatment unless advised by a Vet, in case of an allergic reaction and the consequences x

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