Chihuahua or similar looking dog spotted on the A38 near postcode BS13 8AE

Driving along the section of the A38 Bridgewater Road between the roundabout at the junction with King’s Head Lane and the Lime Kiln roundabout at approximately 18:45 on Thursday 1st June, my passenger spotted a small dog (looked like a Chihuahua) alone on the northern verge.  This was approximately opposite no 107 Bridgewater Road BS13 8AE.

We stopped and my friend walked back along the road to try to capture the dog.  The dog was by now in the hedgerow and when my friend tried to attract the dog it ran off into a very large field which lies immediately to the north of the road at that point.  The dog looked in poor condition as if it had been a stray for some time.  We were unable to follow the dog into the field as the hedgerow is impenetrable.

We went to a farm which lies to the north of the road (Yew Tree Farm, BS13 8AJ); it would seem that the field is part of the farm.  We were unable to see the dog in the field due to the size of the field and the length of the grass.  We spoke to a young woman at the farm who said that the dog had been seen over the previous week and although they had left food out for it they had been unable to get capture it.

I have reported this to the Bristol City Council dog wardens who are going to investigate.  If you know anything about this dog you might want to call the dog warden.  The number to call is 0117 922 2500.

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  1. Sarah Fowler says:

    Can you please join our fb group as we have a post on there about this dog. All information of sightings would be good

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