FOUND!! Home, safe and sound – LOST GINGER CAT

Ginger DSH male wearing a collar with bell. He is about 1yr old and has been chipped. He was a rescue and we only got him last week so we were keeping him indoors until he was used to us and our other cat. He managed to get out of the room he was in when our back door was open at about 9.30/10pm and we know he’s out as we spotted him about an hour later in a neighbours garden (Queensdale Crescent, Knowle Park, Bristol) we couldn’t coax him back in and he disappeared before we could do anything to catch him. He is very wary of people, but can be curious. Hates to be picked up/held. Any news/sightings please pm me.

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  1. Naomi says:

    FOUND!! Home safe and sound – thanks for all support and advice – it was a great help 🙂

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