MISSING – 17th April 2017 – Speedwell – Neutered and Chipped

Long haired, medium sized tabby cat.
No collar.
He’s very shy and wary of other people.
He is neutered and microchipped.
Last seen on Sunday 17th April.
I am currently on holiday so a family member is staying at my house.
I understand that he may has wandered off due to me being on holiday but it’s been quite a few days now.
We have also only just moved in (middle of march).
He has been going out for weeks and always coming back, he is a little shy around new people but would always come home for food.
I am aware that when I get home from holiday (tomorrow) that he might come back once I call him but I thought I’d post this now just incase anyone has seen him.
Please contact me via Facebook as I have bad signal where I am staying.
Parade court speedwell area.
Thanks in advance x


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