Lost our lovely Peg in Golden Hill BS9

Last night 4th February – between 1.30am and 4.30am our lovely cat Peg went missing from 37 Wellington Hill West. She is a part Bengal – part moggy cross – with a thick bengal/tabby patterned coat and distinctive white chin, chest, paws and tip to her part stripy thick lemur-like tail. She’s very friendly and curious. She’s 13 – so it maybe that she’s just gone out and passed away of natural causes, though she seemed very healthy and full of life – never going to the vet. She’s roamed out of the back of our house down the lane between Wellington Hill West and West Broadway a lot – I guess sometimes straying into the back gardens close-by – but as far as we are aware she never went further. There are plenty of foxes around and though she’s big and feisty and we’ve seen her take them on – a desperate hungry fox could probably be a threat. We usually hear any conflict – we heard nothing that night.

We’ve been in this house 18 months or so and moved here from Bishopston – so we think there’s a very slight chance she may have gone back to Claremont Avenue – though she was very happy here. We’ve warned the new owners of our old house – but she could be en-route we guess… so south edge of Henleaze – Golden Hill – top of Bishop Road – Kings Drive.. would be a possible route? She may also be on Horfield Common or even in South West part of Southmead

We know its likely a vain hope – but should any of you come across her adorable chatty self – please coax he in and call us. Please do that too if you come across her body too (irrespective of the state of it) – if we cant have her back in our family – we’d at least like to find a suitable way to say our farewells. (She is micro-chipped so we could identify her if she’s in a state…)

Thanks to any of you who read this and keep an eye out (obviously time is running down if it’s a second winter night outside). You’ll surely save our broken hearts further strain if you happen to find her.

Kindest regards – respectfully yours – Simon, Yvonne, Lewis & Sadie.

Simon – 07725671579

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