REUNITED .. Missing Bengal in Cotham


My Bengal cat Aslan has been missing since about 8pm on Tuesday 16th July.  He was last seen on the corner of Trelawney Road and Cotham Lawn Road in BS6.  If anyone lives nearby please could they check sheds, garages, greenhouses etc.  My phone number is 07764 534947.  £100 reward.  He is microchipped and doesn’t have a collar.  He is a healthy 3 year old — a little skittish but approachable.

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  1. Kate Lush says:

    Aslan has been found! I opened the door in the rain at 1.30 this morning and called him softly — not expecting anything — and in he trotted, cool as a cucumber (but wet through). I had to wake everyone up and share the news. Aslan couldn’t understand why we were jumping up and down and making such a fuss over him. Thank you so much everyone for all your kind support and advice. ? ? ?

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