LOST cat Cromwell Road, BS6 – Black and white with yellow collar

Hi all,

Biggie has been missing from the junction of Cromwell Road and Chesterfield road in St Andrews, Bristol BS6 since Saturday morning.

He is black and white 6 year old male with a yellow reflective collar and a distinctive meow.

It’s likely that he’s stuck in a shed and he’s been known to wander into peoples houses but I’m quite worried now.

I don’t want to knock on people’s doors due to lockdown but please could you ask your neighbours / anyone nearby to check their sheds please?

He usually goes out for a few hours but this is not like him at all. Would you mind checking your sheds and anywhere he could be stuck please? And if possible share – I’m so worried about him.

Any info would be much appreciated; on here or 07399078979

Thank you,

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