Lost black and white cat in Knowle west .

Hello everyone!

I live In Knowle west, at the top of Novers hill and my cat Moko has gone missing for a week. He’s an outdoor cat but he normally comes home every day, so this is worrying nowπŸ™€.
He is black and white, with a white mark on the nose, front chest and white socks. Really thick fur but quite commun looking unfortunately, part of little dents in it’s ears 9n both sidesπŸ™. He would react to his name normally, and he’s quite friendly though.
He’s microchipped, but had lost his collar last time I saw him unfortunately.
If anyone has seen trace of him, specially in this area, please contact me. Any info would be so gratefully appreciated πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™07731307620.

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