Lyra is missing FOUND!

Lyra, (in the picture) is missing, we have last seen her at 1am, we went to sleep and at 7am we’ve noticed she was not around. We have looked for her everywhere in the neighbourhood, asked to everyone, but nothing. We know that she went out from the rooftop window, can you please check your top rooms or your rooftop? She might have gone in the wrong window on her way back to home. Or maybe stuck on a rooftop. Maybe if you have a garden you can check there as well. She is tiny and very friendly. She had a surgery lately. Her name is Lyra, she has got a tag on her collar with my phone number. We have putted food and toya outside for her. If you find her please contact me, I would give anything to find her back.
Please x

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  1. James says:

    What a beautiful girl – so glad she came back

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