Missing cat BS16, North Downend/Westbourne road/westerleigh road

THEODORE/THEO, 10 MONTHS KITTEN, INDOOR CAT BUT PLAYS IN THE GARDEN. LAST SEEN IN EMERSON’S GREEN (BS16) AT 7PM ON 3RD DEC 2021. Not neutered or chipped yet. Little inquisitive thing might be shut in a shed or something PLEASE CHECK SHEDS AND GARAGES!

He’s got bengal/burmese/siamese and tabby in him. He has ginger/grey fur with brown/black stripes and his tail is black and grey at the tip. His paws are ginger/grey and brown underneath. His mouth area is white-ish and has yellow/greenish eyes.

He is our beloved family cat and we all (especially two little girls) miss him dearly. We hope our baby is safe and returns back to us. He responds to us whenever we call him normally but unfortunately this time round he seems to have ventured of far or something but this is out of character behaviour for him. we are unsure where he is and worried sick. Please help us find him. Any information that helps us in getting him back is much appreciated!!


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  1. Lisa says:

    His eyes are brownish/yellowy/greenish colour. He also has white fur on this belly

  2. Marius says:

    Hi I have lost mine too, and is looking a bit similar with yours.
    I have posted in nextdoor app and someone send me a picture very similar with your cat. Here the link:

  3. Lynn Parfitt says:

    Hi, i think we had a cat in our garden earlier today that fit the description. It seemed lost and hungry, we gave it some food and are keeping an eye out for it. We are in bs3.

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