Missing grey cat

This is our cat ‘Pierre’ & he loves going on a jolly every now & then & not come home for a few days & then he will stay in the house for ages when he comes home. Well this time he has been ‘missing’ for 4-5 days & I’m getting really worried, we live on Conham Hill in Hanham & my other half has been out looking for him all around the area & asked around with no luck. He is grey, neutered & wearing a grey seresto flea collar & he is also microchipped. Has anyone seen him around? Please check your sheds, outbuildings etc. He is very friendly & has been known to wander into neighbours houses etc, especially if he is fed! Myself, my partner & our 2 children really miss him & my 2 children are really worried & keep asking for him. I may be over reacting but I would really appreciate it if people around the area could keep a look out for him & message me if you see him. Thank you

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