Missing Tabby Cat – Male – EASTON BS5 0

Our cat Tiggz has been missing since Tuesday 8th March around 5pm when he left home after his nap in the Easton BS5 area near Stapleton Road and Evergreen Primary Academy.

He is a bit of a nomadic cat, he hates being shut indoors and prefers the gardens with his beds. ( he was abandoned 3 years ago by a previous neighbour and we took him in. He has anxiety from his past experiences with being mistreated. He doesn’t like children either.)

He has only ever been missing for 1 day before, so 3 days is really worrying for us as his hungry belly and food usually gets him to come home to us.

He is a medium sized tabby male. Unfortunately not neutered yet so visible as a Male from behind. No collar, as he lost all of the ones we put on him.

He currently has a small 10p size round patch of fur missing from his front right leg near his paw that was starting to grow back. He has a healed chunk out of his right ear that is noticable.

He is not a friendly cat, and would not willingly go to anyone even if food was involved and he would not allow anyone to pick him up. He would bite and lash out. He only trusts myself and my daughter. He loves other cats and is never aggressive towards other cats. He may have followed another cat home. We are hoping he’s not been mistaken as a stray or someone is trying to keep him locked inside. He will be aggressive if he’s not let out and he will start to pace and panic. He hates loud noises and bangs like fireworks etc.

We would appreciate it if you can keep an eye out for him in the Easton BS5 area, near Stapleton Road, especially near Warwick Road, Blenheim Street, Fox Road and surrounding areas, as these are places that he walks to as fellow cat owners in the area see him playing with their cats in their gardens. We have been in contact with neighbours that have cats and he hasn’t been seen.

We have put his blanket and our shirts in the garden under the canopy, so he can smell his way home and have been out calling whilst shaking his favourite treats that he always responds to. It may sound odd but we have also put the contents of our vacuum bag out too.

Please keep an eye out for our boy, we are really worried.

Thank you.

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