Missing tabby cat ‘pebbles’


Our little girl has gone missing. She’s not been seen since the early hours of 18th November 2017, and she rarely leaves home. She is quite timid and her and sister are always seen together – calling for eachother – so it’s quite unlike her to wander off. We have circulated flyers but still nothing. She is microchipped but doesnt wear a collar. She is neutered. She is 2 years old, but fairly small for an adult cat.

We have asked whoever we can find locally to check bins/garages etc, but please please please if you think you have any sightings please let us know. You can call me, Jess, on 07975 993210 or my partner Matt on 07702 432253. We’d be so grateful – we feel very lost without number 4 in the family.


Thank you x

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