Missing Tortoiseshell Female Cat

Kicia (reacts to Kish as well) has been missing for nearly three weeks from Stoke Gifford. She is a very timid and quiet cat and is most likely hiding in a shed somewhere, too scared to come out. She is microchipped and has been reported missing with local vets and rescue centres. She has a very characteristic ginger ‘scar’ across her right eye so it should be easy to recognize her. She is seven years old and has a tortoiseshell coat. We really miss her and want her back home. If you have any information please do get in touch. Please check your sheds and garages, she might be hiding there. Last seen: Chevening Close, Stoke Gifford, Wednesday 2nd of February My biggest fear is that she’s been trying to go back to London where we moved from recently and she got lost. It’s very unlike her to be missing this long. I’ve done all the things recommended, including putting clothes out and hanged posters but to no avail. Please keep an eye, she might be roaming somewhere. Thank you

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