Lost cockatiel

Missing cockatiel in the inns court, knowle, bristol area.
He is a typical looking male cockatiel grey with white trimmed wings and has a purple ankle tag , no identity on though.He has a yellow face with orange cheeks. He will be calling and making noise if hes in your garden. He has a mate and she has been calling him all night. We followed him so far and he just disappeared. We are desperate for him to come home. All of them were rescues and he has become part of a larger flock of 5 birds so he will be missed and missing them. Please message me even if you arent sure if its him so i can see a picture,thank you. We have had him for about 6 years he’s gonna be so scared, i hate to think of him hungry outside.

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  1. Emma says:

    There is a cockatiel that might fit description outside health centre cadbury heath. He is in the trees naking a noise. We tried to lure him down with treats. 18:30 on sunday 5tg August.

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