Rufus missing from Compton Martin BS40 since September 20th 2022

07361 583407

Our beloved, if cranky tabby and White Maine Coon vanished on Tuesday September 20th. We have had no news, no sightings, nothing.

He is a 9 year old Male neutered. He is chipped. He weighed 8kg on the day he vanished. He doesn’t wear a collar and had a couple of matts in his ‘trouser’ area. He also had a bald patch at the base of his tail from having a matt trimmed away as he doesn’t tolerate brushing.

He had a dental at the beginning of 2022 so may appear younger than he is.

All the local vets have been asked to keep an eye out for him as we believe he has a mass in his abdomen which needs urgent investigation and treatment.

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