Cat Found in BS3, Bristol

This cat has been sleeping on our shed roof since early April. It looks healthy, it’s coat is glossy (but matted in places) – it is also very sweet and friendly.

But! it has a red collar on it that says’cat has visited emergency out of hours given all clear, Monday 18th April, found North Street BS3 and returned to same place’

When the cat visited the emergency out of hours vet. The vet confirmed that it was Male and was not microchipped. It had been in a hit and run on North Street and was found lying in the road. but the vet gave it the all clear and thought it very likely that it had owners and so advised that it be returned to North Street BS3.

It returned to our shed roof as it had been sleeping there since the beginning of April. However, it has never been meowing for food up until a few days ago so I thought it had an owner until I read the collar. But seeing as the collar is still there I am presuming that it is lost.

It would be lovely if we could reunite him with his owners soon XXX

please email if you have any information.

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